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Barrancos, on the border with Spain, is not far away from Moura and Serpa. Integrated in a vast region once called "The Contention" (for centuries without limits or borders and thus simultaneously populated by both Portuguese and Spanish), its cultural habits were greatly influenced by the neighbouring country.

If you happen to visit Barrancos during the popular festivities in Summer, you will see that the bull-running through the streets ends with the animal being killed in the Spanish fashion, for Portugal doesn´t allow bulls to be killed at bullfights.

Among its economic activities are agriculture and livestock rising, being a production center for ham made of the Iberian Pig (also known as Porco Alentejano).

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Region: Alentejo Wappen
Sub-region: Baixo Alentejo
District: Beja
Inhabitants (2001): 1.900 (City); 1.924 (District)
Parishes (1): Barrancos
Area: 168,43 km²
Coordinates: 38º07'N 6º58'W
Municipality: Câmara Municipal de Barrancos, Praça do Município 2, 7230-030 Barrancos


  • Church of Noudar: In the perimeter that once englobed the town of Noudar, you can visit, apart from the castle with its fortress and keep, the church of Nossa Senhora do Desterro, belonging to this town that disappear...[ more ]
  • Noudar: It is at the former town of Noudar, at about 6 miles from Barrancos, that we can discover its origins. Successively occupied by the peoples that passed through the Iberian Peninsula over the centurie... [ more ]
  • Noudar Castle: About 8 miles from Barrancos, the ruins of the old village of Noudar still display the ancient castle. Its tall keep, square-shaped and crowned by defensive battlements, is visible from far away. A...[ more ]
  • Parish Church: At the small Largo da Liberdade, in the heart of Barrancos, stands the town´s Igreja Paroquial, dating from the 18th century. It was probably built on the site of another temple of worship, of which ...[ more ]
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