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A typical Alentejan town, surrounded by olive trees, the houses are white-washed with doors and windows framed by blue or ochre trims. The windows and openings are small to protect them against the torrid heat in Summer. The town has several interesting churchs and is proud of its long tradition in the cantares alentejanos (typical singing by choirs of men with no musical instruments).

Conquered to the Moors by king Sancho I (12th century), the name of Cuba is thought to have come from the fact that the Christians found a lot of cubas there (vessels to store the wine), but others think it has an even more ancient origin and comes from the word "coba" (which means "tower", in Arabic).

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Region: Alentejo Wappen
Sub-region: Baixo Alentejo
District: Beja
Inhabitants (2001): 3.100 (City); 4 994 (District)
Parishes (4): Cuba, Faro do Alentejo, Vila Alva, Vila Ruiva
Area: 171,32 km²
Coordinates: 38º09'N 7º53'W
Municipality: Câmara Municipal de Cuba, Rua Serpa Pinto, 84; 7940-172 Cuba


  • Mother Church dating from 1500
  • Across the county, there are megalithic traces, such as the cromlechs near Vila Alva and the menhir at Horta dos Canos do Meio.
  • Barragem de Albergaria dos Fusos: Situa-se a aproximadamente a 5 km do Lugar de Albergaria dos Fusos, a 20 Km da Vila de Cuba. Barragem do Alvito é uma óptima zona para desportos de água e óptimo lugar de lazer.
  • Igreja e Recolhimento do Carmo / Antigo Hospital séc. XVII-XVII: Situa-se no largo do Carmo/ Largo S. João de Deus, na Vila de Cuba. Construída entre 1652-54 – recolhimento de mulheres da Ordem de St. ª Teresa.
  • Igreja Matriz de S. Vicente: Situa-se no Largo 5 de Outubro na Cuba e foi construída nos sécs. XVII e XVIII.
  • Capela de São Pedro
  • Capela de São Sebastião
  • Capela de Nossa Senhora da Rocha
  • Casa do Escritor Fialho de Almeid
  • Centro Cultural de Fialho de Almeida
  • História do vinho no Alentejo
  • Os Vinhos da Cuba
  • Os Ceifeiros de Cuba
  • As Flores do Alentejo
  • Nearby: the curious Insectozoo, a museum and laboratory of social insects.

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