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São Luis

São Luis is a little place with urban character, but very alentejano - that means everything goes very slowly and calm. The village is divided from the flat coastal region through a mountain range. It lays 14 km inland from Milfontes. São Luís has an old centre around the church. There are middle-class houses from better days and you have nice looks into small streets with their whitewashed houses and yellow or blue borders around doors and windows (to keep bad spirits out). There are also different cafés and restaurants with good regional cuisine. Near São Luís exists a hang gliding school; there you can glide down from a high rock with a fantastic view until the Atlantic.

Facts - Sights


Region: Alentejo Map
Sub-region: Alentejo Litoral
District: Beja
Concelho Odemira
Inhabitants (2001): 2 249
Area: 146,80 km²
Patron Saint: São Luís
JUNTA DE FREGUESIA DE S.LUÍS, Cerro do Moinho, 7630 S. Luís
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  • A Festa em honra do santo padroeiro da terra realiza-se a 19 de Agosto. 
  • S.Luís conta com duas feiras anuais, a 10 de Junho e 4 de Setembro.

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