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São Teotonio

São Teotonio is a parish in the muncipality of Odemira.


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Region: Alentejo Map
Sub-region: Alentejo Litoral
District: Beja
Concelho Odemira (Map)
Inhabitants (2001): 5 019
Area: 305,20 km²
JUNTA DE FREGUESIA DE S. TEOTÓNIO, Praça Luís de Camões, 7630-634 São Teotónio
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  • Faceco - Feira das Actividades Culturais e Económicas do Concelho de Odemira - last weekend in month of July
  • September 18 - feira anual de S. Teotónio
  • Month of June - Santos Populares / Festival de Mastros: One of the obligatory festivities, with the pilgrimage to the local fountain where women carry on their heads or whips, the earthen pots.
  • Pictures from the Festival de Mastros 2005
  • Agosto - festa religiosa de S. Teotónio, dedicada a Nossa Senhora do Rosário
  • 1º semana de Agosto - Festival Sudoeste
  • Picture Gallery
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