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Zambujeira do mar

Zambujeira do mar

Zambujeira do Mar still remains as one of the last paradises on Alentejo's southwest coast. Its beaches constitute one of its most important attractions, but there is a lot to discover along the coastline, part of the protected area of the Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina. On the top of the cliff, the small village, witness, since ancient times, of the population's fishing activities, is the perfect natural terrace to stare at an amazing oceanview.

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Here Nature is extremely generous. Dunes are full of crowberries and sea rush. The presence of innumerable bird's species like eagles, egrets, storks, rock-pigeon and long-billed tern are the proof of this ecosystern richness that insists in sustaining a its own balanced development. It is extremely exciting to promenade along the cliffs, or to walk along the tracks used by fishermen.

  • Capela de Nossa Senhora do Mar
  • Old harbour
  • Fonte de Santa Catarina
  • August 15th - Festa de Nossa Senhora do Mar
  • August 29th - Feira anual.
  • The music festival, "Festival do Sudoeste", taking place every year in the Estate of Casa Branca. This Festival has already assisted to the brilliant performances of Portishead, Pj. Harvey and Massive Attack.
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Zambujeira Wappen Region: Alentejo Map
Sub-region: Alentejo Litoral
District: Beja
Concelho Odemira
Inhabitants (2001): 844
Area: 42,96 km²
Patron saint: Nossa Senhora do Mar
JUNTA DE FREGUESIA DE ZAMBUJEIRA DO MAR, Bairro Social, lote 118, 7630-800 Zambujeira do Mar Onclick pic to enlarge


On the beaches surf and body board are already popular.


Praia Zambujeira do Mar Associação Cultural Recreativa e Desportiva de Zambujeira Surfing

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